07 Jun 2020

Eleventy migration

· 11ty lit-html

Eleventy migration

After 6 years from my last post entry, I'm migrating my personal blog to Eleventy.

I heard good things about it and I wanted to give it a try. So far I'm liking it a lot, the best part about Eleventy is its flexibility. As an example, I started writing my templates in Nunjucks, but since I didn't like the syntax too much, I decided to write the templates just with JavaScript. It was an improvement, but I was missing some of the functionality provided by lit-html. I found a project to render lit-html templates on the server, lit-html-server, and it was incredibly easy to plug it into Eleventy and start to use lit-html templates on my static site.

Now I write the posts in Markdown, which are rendered with markdown-it, and the result is passed to the templates to render the final html with lit-html-server

I'll also try to write regularly. I liked the idea from Lambda Island: Advent of Parens, where the author challenged himself to write a blog post for every day of December until the 24th. While I'm not writing a new post every day, I like the idea of writing smaller posts, but more often. Let's see how it goes.

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